Friday, 17 December 2010

Sentence first- verdict afterwards. Prelude.

And so it begins *weeps at loss of all remaining dignity*.

Okay, so this is entirely my own fault for having just landed myself into the whole Jervis/Alice pairing from Batman the Animated Series recently. Give me three doodles and I end up writing a whole story about it. I'm not even going to make any excuses, just... pity me.

This is just a tiny introductory note- the first chapter will be up when I've finished persuading myself that I don't need to illustrate every damned scene in it.



PRELUDE. In which a phone call is received and made.



Dr Leland put down the file she’d been absent-mindedly perusing during the telephone call, blinking as if it would assist her in processing the word.

“Oh… So, you don’t permit visits? To the patients?” The voice on the receiver wavered apologetically, “I mean, I understand why, I was just…”

“Well, yes, of course we do,” the doctor caught the conversation before it escaped- it had been a long, arduous day; for the biggest surprise to have come from the other end of the telephone from a timid-voiced young lady was unexpected to say the least. “It’s simply that we don’t get that many requests, and especially in your case… are you certain that you want to go through with this…?”

“Oh, well, yes. Yes, I think so.” The voice said, uncertainly.

Leland’s face clouded over slightly, but she kept her tone light and encouraging; “Very well then, I’ll arrange an escort to pick you up tomorrow, at-?”

“Four, four O’clock would be fine. P-please.”

“Four O’clock it is. I’ll meet you at the entrance after the preliminary checks.”

Exchanging a few civil goodbyes, the psychologist replaced the receiver with a mildly puzzled expression, turning over a set of case files which she hadn’t looked at for quite some time. “Four O'clock indeed... I wonder."

She wrote a note down regarding the arranged time, unable to add to herself in a dreamy voice out loud; "Twas brillig, and the slithy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe..."

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  1. but you DO need to illustrate every damn scene in it >:D trust your instincts!