Friday, 17 December 2010

Hey so you know what I should totally not do?

-Start a blog for the sole purpose of being a colossal dweeb.

Yes, that is correct, the girl who made her internet name by drawing fan-art fluff is at it again. Big whoop.

If any of you reading this are familiar with my work under the guise of Olafpriol (which I'm going to go ahead and guess is most of you, considering how I would probably shoot myself in the foot before link this blog to my facebook herp derp what is a social life anyway), you'll probably be wondering why the chuff I am even stating this, but yes, I doodle in a profuse manner which verges on the obscene when it comes to fandoms. Most especially when it comes to my apparently undying love of shipping hopelessly comedic pairings; basically when it comes to couples, if it's funny and cute enough, I'll ship it.

Consequently when these ridiculous pairings get the jump on me, especially when it's a series that I'm familiar with drawing in abundance anyway (the vice of any animation student), I often as not end up drawing illustrations to accompany any ideas/stories that I come up with, and sometimes it's even down to the drawings that I end up writing a story. More often than not the story stops at the drawing as far as hard copy goes- I used to write a little fanfic on the side, but I'm a doodler, not an author- but once in a while I end up getting something halfway between a written story and a comic.

This blog is reserved for these hideous, quasi-formed mutants; neither one nor the other, doomed to rove the meandering valleys of My Documents and my sketchpads for all eternity, until I decided to unleash them upon the unwitting masses of the internet here.

That said, I'll be throwing up (take that however you will) random bunches of these from time to time in clumps and bunches when the mood takes me/I remember that this thing exists. It is to be noted that I am notoriously awful at keeping diaries or anything else of that description, so updates will be about as regular as my usual splurges of creativity back on DeviantArt (ie. don't expect any 8|).

Enjoy and/or despair at my rampant dorkiness as you want.


(Image unrelated. To anything.)

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